The World's Chelonians Need Help

tortoise_headshotThe world is home to about two hundred and ninety different species of turtle and tortoise, but they are disappearing from the wild at an ever increasing pace.

The major causes of these declines are anthropogenic (i.e., man made), and include habitat loss and degradation due to human encroachment, incidental take, and deliberate take of species for the food and pet trade.  Now global climate change is adding insult to injury.

California Turtle and Tortoise Club has been active in promoting conservation of chelonians (turtles and tortoises) since it was founded in 1964.  This page provides links to articles on CTTC's ongoing and historic conservation efforts and issues of concern.

Michael J. Connor
Webmaster Emeritus
CTTC Executive Board

Western Pond Turtles

Western pond turtle

  • Western Pond Turtle Recovery Project successfully increases endangered population
  • February 7, 2008: Good news for San Onofre State Park - the California Coastal Commission voted to deny the permit to build a toll road through the state park.
  • San Onofre State Park Threatened by 6 Lane Toll Road. The Toll Road will disrupt San Mateo Creek, Home to One of Orange County's Last Populations of the Western Pond turtle.
  • Western Pond Turtle habitat in Southern California

Sea Turtles

sea turtle

Deepwater Horizon Disaster

  • Gulf of Mexico Sea Turtle Network
  • Daily Fish and Wildlife Report
  • Daily Update from STRP
  • BP and Coast Guard Halt Burning of Endangered Sea Turtles in Gulf Oil Spill Clean-Up

Chelonian Conservation Articles