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October 24, 2000

Desert Tortoise Rider Threatens


Representative Jerry Lewis (CA) is shopping around a rider that would push forward the controversial expansion of the Ft. Irwin armored warfare training center in Southern California.

The rider would add 182 square miles of prime desert tortoise habitat to the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin. The desert tortoise is already in bad shape with many of the remaining Southern California populations ravaged by disease and the failure of federal land managers to adequately protect its habitat. The land proposed for the expansion is one of the largest and most healthy remaining desert tortoise populations in the region and it must be protected. I know that everyone has been fighting hard, is tired and just wants Congress to pass the remaining spending bills sans anti-environmental riders and go home. Unfortunately, we can't let this latest threat pass without a challenge. Once again, thanks for taking action in these very difficult times.

Brock Evans
Endangered Species Coalition




1. Ask them to oppose efforts to attach anti-environmental riders onto any of the remaining spending bills. Right now the desert tortoise, sea lion and snowmobile riders are threatening.

2. Rep. Rush Holt (NJ) is sending around a "Dear Colleague" sign on letter to the White House calling on the President to send a letter to Congress calling for NO Riders on any of the remaining spending bills. Rep. Holt's letter specifically mentions the sea lion, snowmobile and Ft. Irwin riders. Ask any Democratic House members you contact to please sign on to Rep. Holt's letter.

CALL PRESIDENT CLINTON 1-800-663-9566 or 202-224-3121


Urge the President to take a strong stand against the Ft. Irwin expansion, Steller sea lion, snowmobile and any other anti-environmental riders that Congress might try to attach to

P.S. If you would like to leave a message for the President's negotiators directly you can call Office of Management and Budget Director Jack Lew at 202-395-4840 or White House Chief of Staff John Podesta at 202-456-6798.


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