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June 25, 2016

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California Turtle & Tortoise Club (CTTC) is a California Public Benefit Corporation recognized as non-profit by the IRS under 501(c)(3). Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

CTTC was founded in 1964 and has over 1,500 members world-wide. Membership in CTTC is managed through one of the Club's many Chapters.

CTTC Chapters offer monthly meetings that typically include an educational program and a chance to socialize and share information. Many Chapters maintain libraries with borrowing privileges for members. Many Chapters also hold annual turtle and tortoise shows, sponsor field trips, and participate in community outreach activities. All Club members receive the bi-monthly Club newsletter, the Tortuga Gazette, as a benefit of membership in CTTC.

Turtles in the News

4 December 2015: Lonesome George 'look-alike' captured for tortoise-breeding effort

Conservationists have captured two Galapagos Island tortoises related to Lonesome George, the iconic tortoise that died in 2012 and was thought to be the last of his species. Read the article...

25 January 2016: Old Nuclear Fallout Proves Useful for Sea Turtle Clues

Sea turtles drift in mysterious currents. How long do they live? How fast do they grow? When do they reach sexual maturity?

Answers to these and other basic questions elude researchers, stymieing efforts to better understand and protect the world’s seven marine turtle species, all but one of which are endangered. Now scientists in Hawaii may have resolved some of the unknowns by turning to an unlikely environmental marker: nuclear fallout. Read the article...

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2016 CTTC Show Schedule

28 August: Orange County Chapter Annual Show

17 September: TOOSLO Chapter Annual Show