Yes, tortoises can and do vocalize!

These calls of courting male tortoises illustrate the range of tortoise vocalizations. The recordings were made by CTTC members, and all are of 10-15 seconds duration.

Audio files are available in both .wav and .aiff formats (the latter courtesy of Tom Gleason). Just click on the format of your choice. Click on the "more info" links to learn more about each species.

Egyptian tortoise, Testudo kleinmanni

Egyptian tortoise
Unique mechanical chirruping from one of the world's smallest tortoises. klein.wav or klein.aiff 260k, 12.0 secs. Recording by Michael J.Connor. more info...

African spurred tortoise,
Centrochelys (=Geochelone) sulcata

Sulcata tortoise
Stentorian grunting from the largest mainland tortoise. sulcata.wav or sulcata.aiff 195k, 9.0 secs. Recording by Stan Levine. more info...

Red-footed tortoise,
Chelonoidis (=Geochelone) carbonaria

Red-footed tortoise
Clucky! redfoot.wav or redfoot.aiff 137k, 12.0 secs. Recording by Brad Morris. more info...