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Tortuga Gazette 50(2) | March/April 2014

Bighead Hatchling Video
Short video from Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Zoo.

Climatic Variation and Desert Tortoises
New USGS paper on desert tortoise survival on a study plot at Joshua Tree National Park.

Galápagos Live
Choppy but informative video feed from the Galápagos Conservancy.

Red List Ranks Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtles as Critically Endangered
IUCN Red List ranks leatherback sea turtles as vulnerable with the Pacific population as critically endangered.

New Development To Reduce Turtle Bycatch
Latest techno-fix uses UV lights on fishing nets to reduce sea turtle bycatch.

Pacific Die Off
Hundreds of dead sea turtles have washed up on Central America beaches.

Kemp’s Ridley Strandings Study
New study indicates where Kemp’s ridleys washing up on Mississippi beaches died.

Turtle Tourism
Ten places to see wild sea turtles.

Suction-Feeding Cretaceous Era Turtle
New studies show that the cretaceous turtle Ocepechelon bouyai was a suction feeder.

Baby Turtle Was Ancient Baby Shark’s Last Meal
Seventy million years ago a shark made a bad meal choice...

Madagascar Turtle Workshops Proceedings
Turtles on the Brink in Madagascar: Proceedings of Two Workshops on the Status, Conservation, and Biology of Malagasy Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles.

Wong Smuggling Again?
Film documents activities of convicted wildlife trafficker Anson Wong since his release from jail.

Climate Change Shrinking North American Turtle Habitats
Turtle populations face an uncertain future in the face of climate change (story includes link to video and original research).

Tortuga Gazette 50(3) | May/June 2014

Gold Butte Cattle Trespass
The federal Bureau of Land Management is removing trespass cattle from desert tortoise critical habitat in Nevada.

Drought Threatens Tortoises
Not just cows but the current drought threatens desert tortoises.

Snap! Fossil Turtle Bone Fragments Matched
Two partial limb fossils from the ancient sea turtle Atlantochelys mortoni are reunited after being discovered 163 years apart.

Turtles Lost and Turtles Found
The rediscovery and redescription of the Late Jurassic turtle Plesiochelys etalloni.

Darwin’s Pet Tortoise Rediscovered
A museum curator has found a tortoise that Charles Darwin brought home from the Galápagos.

Genetic Rediscovery of an ‘Extinct’ Galápagos Giant Tortoise
The extinct Floreana Island tortoise may still be with us!

Maleos and Olive Ridleys
Maleos and sea turtles bury their eggs and leave them to incubate on the same Indonesian beach. But maleos are birds!

Hatchling Sea Turtle Lost Years Study
Satellite tracking of neonate sea turtles redefines the oceanic niche they use in their ‘lost years’.

Kemp’s Ridley Conservation Funding
Five Gulf states have chipped in $150,000 to restore funding for Kemp's Ridley sea turtle projects.

Spring Time Turtle Watching
Cooters and sliders feature in this National Public Radio broadcast from Wilmington.

Box Turtle Conservation
Abstracts of the 2013 Box Turtle Conservation Workshop now available.

New Open Access Journal
The Center for North American Herpetology has launched the Journal of North American Herpetology.