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Tortuga Gazette 60(1) | January/February 2024

Highway Through Red Cliffs Under Reconsideration
Federal agencies agreed to reconsider authorizing a highway through critical desert tortoise habitat at Red Cliffs National Conservation Area.

Beaver Dam Wash Habitat Rehabilitation
Devastated by fire, multiple groups still have hope that the Beaver Dam desert tortoise critical habitat can be restored.

Can Desert Tortoises Survive in Nevada?
Overview of the ever-growing multitude of threats faced by desert tortoises.

Cal the Tortoise Returns
Volunteers from the local garden club revamped and reinstalled the tortoise sculpture at the west end of California City Boulevard.

Plastic Waste Affecting Galapagos Giant Tortoises
Like sea turtles and desert tortoises, giant tortoises on Santa Cruz Island are being impacted by plastic waste.

New Cuora Found in the Philippines
Turtles from Davao City, Mindanao, are newly described as the Philippine Box Turtle (Cuora philippinensis). With video in Filipino and English.

European Pond Turtle Victim of Grave Robbers?
The remains of a European pond turtle found in an ancient grave in Poland probably got there after the turtle fell into the grave after it had been reopened perhaps by grave robbing humans.

India to Pause Missile Testing Off Odisha During Olive Ridley Nesting Period
India’s Defense Research and Development Organization will pause missile testing off the Odisha coast between February and March to protect nesting Olive ridley turtles.

Kemp's Ridley Washes Up on Welsh Beach
A young Kemp's ridley turtle, the second since 2021, is in rehab after washing up on an Anglesey beach.

Mediterranean Green Sea Turtles Nesting Range ExpansionNew model predicts rising global temperatures could lead to a 60% increase in the nesting range of green turtles to include much of the North African, Italian, and Greek coastlines.

Do Sea Turtles Use Thermal Corridors to Cross the Pacific?
Video of Stanford scientists’ efforts to test their hypothesis that sea turtles are using transient thermal corridors to get from Japan to the California coast.

Cape Hatteras Green Sea Turtle Nests Later Than Ever
On the morning of Dec. 3, a fresh Green Sea Turtle nest was found at Cape Hatteras, South Carolina. The previous late nesting record for the Cape and the state occurred October 31, 2020.

Earlier Sea Turtle Nesting May Not Offset Global Warming Impacts
FSU-led research shows shifting nesting timing may not be enough to prevent fewer sea turtle hatchlings and a shift to females.

Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias
Founded in 2007, Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias is a network of individuals and communities working to conserve northwest Mexico’s sea turtles.

Marine Turtle Newsletter 166 Online
Latest issue of the Marine Turtle Newsletter is now available for free.

Fossil “Plants” Revealed to be Hatchling Turtles!
New research reveals that the unusual plant Sphenophyllum colombianum is actually an ancient fossil turtle, which researchers have nicknamed “Turtwig”.

Turtle Survival Alliance Impact Report
Downloadable report of the TSA’s work around the world in 2023.

Fish & Wildlife News Celebrates the Endangered Species Act
The Endangered Species Act became law on Dec. 28, 1973, 50 years ago.

Turtles Help Scientists Understand Skull Development
Researchers analyzed the expression of three genes involved in bone formation in 3 turtle species. Their findings may provide hints for the development of treatments for congenital diseases that cause abnormalities in human skull morphology.