Fort Irwin National Training Center
Southwestern Expansion

Briefing Points

The briefing points outlined below are meant to form a guide to the potential impact of the proposed Fort Irwin expansion on the threatened Desert Tortoise. The author welcomes your comments/additions.

National Training Center, Fort Irwin Proposes to Destroy
Desert Tortoise Critical Habitat

Superior-Cronese DWMA

Proposed Fort Irwin Expansion into the Superior-Cronese DWMA
The southwestern expansion (gray) cuts deep into the heart of the designated Superior-Cronese DWMA (white). Existing military installations are shown in blue.

Southwestern expansion of Fort Irwin

Southern Portion of NTC, Fort Irwin
The 1999 proposed expansion (outlined in black) extends further southwest into Critical Habitat than did the withdrawn 1991 proposal (red).

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