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Food and Nutrition Sites

Raising food for your turtles; determining the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in your turtle's diets.

Turtles in Human Art and Culture

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Turtle and Tortoise Web Pages

Sites listed below have turtles and tortoises as a major focus. There are thousands of other general reptile sites that may provide some chelonian information. Go to General Herpetology for sites with extensive links to general reptile sites.

These web sites are listed for informational purposes only. Opinions expressed are those of the web site owners and do not necessarily represent those of the California Turtle & Tortoise Club, its staff or membership.

General Herpetology Sites

There are many excellent general herpetological sites. The sites below have links to many of these including local Herpetological Societies, national organizations and other potential sources of information.

Salmonella Information

Ponds and Aquaria

Climate Information

Animals, Zoos, Collections and Studbooks

Conservation and Environment

Desert Conservation | Conservation & Environment

Desert Conservation

General Conservation and Environment

Plants and Wildflowers

Poisonous Plants

Government and Law

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