California Turtle & Tortoise Club

High Desert Chapter

Tortoise Terrace

Our Mission

Building "Tortoise Awareness" Through Public Education.

Providing a Waystation for Adoptable Tortoises.

Creating an Opportunity to Engage Students and Teachers in the Process of Science Inquiry.

Tortoise Terrace is supported and maintained through a partnership between California Turtle & Tortoise Club's High Desert Chapter and the Lewis Center for Educational Research

Tortoise Terrace, Apple Valley, CA 92307. Viewing by appointment only - contact Dave Zantiny

Tortoise Terrace paddocks

Note how the paddocks terrace up. Each paddock is about 15' by 22'.

Burrow dug by male tortoise

Burrow Dug by the Large Male Tortoise

Burrow monitored for temperature and relative humidity

Burrows in paddocks 2 and 3 are electronically monitored for air, surface and
subsurface temperaturesand for relative humidity in a student research project.

Front view of paddocks

Front view of paddocks (a)

Another view of paddocks

Front view of paddocks (b)

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