California Turtle & Tortoise Club

Santa Clarita Chapter

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where can I learn about desert tortoises?

    At the website Don's Desert Tortoises you can learn about all aspects of desert tortoise care. You are always welcome to join us at one of our meetings.

  • Can anyone come to meetings?

    Yes. Our meetings are open to the public, and we welcome guests.

  • How can I get a desert tortoise permit?

    Please click on our adoption email link to send your request for a desert tortoise permit.You must include your full physical address and a current photo of the tortoise.

  • How much does a permit cost?

    The California Department of Fish & Game permits are free. But, if you wish to make a donation to the "sick and injured fund" to help unwanted desert tortoises, we will welcome your donation and be most appreciative.

  • Will I get in trouble if my tortoise does not currently have a permit?

    Absolutely NOT. Our goal is to get your tortoise legally permitted, so there's no penalty for not having previously obtained a permit.

  • What do I do if have a turtle that is sick or injured?

    Please get your turtle to a reptile veterinarian immediately. We do not have a volunteer veterinarian on staff, but we can provide referrals for vets in the San Fernando Valley and nearby areas.

  • What do I do if I find a turtle that is sick or injured?

    Get the turtle to a reptile veterinarian immediately. We do not have a volunteer veterinarian on staff. Many veterinarians will work with a found turtle/tortoise or be able to direct you to who can.

  • Why can't I bring a turtle to the meeting to turn in?

    Unfortunately we do not have a brick and mortar facility in which to keep animals turned in for adoption. They are housed with Chapter members who serve as "foster parents" and space is very limited.

  • Why are you unable to take in red-eared sliders (aquatic turtles)?

    We try to find homes for our aquatic shelled friends, but we have run out of ponds in which to place them due to the high numbers already turned in. When new ponds become available, we will place aquatics.

  • Can I get a job with the California Turtle & Tortoise Club?

    The California Turtle & Tortoise Club is a 100% volunteer organization - there are no employees. We always welcome new members who are interested in the work we do and would like to help.

  • Where can I learn more about my new turtle?

    Please attend a CTTC meeting as soon as possible. The Santa Claita branch meets on the second Saturday of the odd-numbered months. At the meeting you will be able to meet an experienced keeper who can answer your questions.

  • I can't attend your meetings. How can I get help with my new turtle?

    There are general care sheets available on the CTTC web site. These are care sheets for box turtles, desert tortoises and water turtles. Please view those, and, if a sheet isn't available for your breed of turtle/tortoise, we recommend the care sheets on Tortoise Trust web site.

  • I found a turtle/tortoise and don't know what it is.

    The most commonly kept turtles and tortoises in the California area can be identified from the pictures on the Tortoise Trust Care Page.

  • What if my question is not answered here?

    Please click on our General Information link and send us a message. Your question should be answered within 24 to 48 hours.