California Turtle & Tortoise Club

Turtle & Tortoise Care Society

Calendar: Meetings and Programs

Meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. Guests are always welcome! We have refreshments at every meeting. The Care Society Chapter – Long Beach meets on the third Saturday of the month at the St. Gregory's Episcopal Church, 6201 East Willow Street, Long Beach, Ca. 90815.

2021 Meetings and Programs

16 January

20 February

20 March

17 April

15 May

19 June

17 July

21 August

18 September

16 October

20 November

18 December

2018 Meetings and Programs

19 January: Tom Roach on Raising Hatchlings

16 February: Ed LaRue on the Desert Tortoise
Ed LaRue has worked with desert tortoises since 1989.

turtle planter16 March: Don Fisher, creator of lifelike turtle statues and planters.

20 April: John Wong–Name That Turtle; Richard Roosman–Turtle Criss-cross Puzzles

5 May: Turtle & Tortoise MiniShow

18 May: Laura and Jay, Prehistoric Pets

15 June: Annual Plant Auction with Dr. Tom Greek, Auctioneer

16 June: Care's Turtle and Tortoise Show at Prehistoric Pets

Tausala dance troupe20 July: Annual Luau with a performance by Tausala Polynesia

17 August: Show and Tell and Hot Dog Night

Each member that participates will receive a ticket for a random raffle for one of four prizes.

Also, we will have Hot Dog Night. Members are welcome to bring in a side dish.


21 September: Regina Conroy: Wildlife and You: Their Hope for the Future

22 September: Turtle and Tortoise Show

19 October: Dr. Craig Stanford, and Halloween Costume Party with Oct"Turtle"Fest refreshments

Dr. Stanford speaking on "Protecting the rare turtles of the Cuatro Cienegas Biosphere Reserve, Coahuila, Mexico."

Michael Tuma

16 November: Dr. Michael Tuma of the Desert Tortoise Council

21 December: Holiday Pot Luck and Cut-Throat Gift Exchange

2017 Meetings and Programs

20 January: How to Build a Tortoise House and Ways to Provide Shade for your Tortoise.

17 February

17 March: Barry Nerhus on Western Pond Turtle Restoration

21 April: Dr. Michael Tuma on What I Learned About the Evolution of Fighting in Tortoises: A Slideshow of Fossils, Horns and Big Brawny Males

19 May: Ralph Hoekstra on Raising Indian Star Tortoises from Hatchlings to Healthy Adults in 4 Years

16 June: Annual Plant Sale with Dr. Greek, Auctioneer and Pizza Night

Tausala dance troupe21 July: Annual Luau and Potluck featuring Tausala Polynesian Review

18 August: Jillian Estrada of the Desert Tortoise Preserve

15 September: Show and Tell

16 September: Annual Show at El Dorado Park

Tausala dance troupe

20 October:
Brumation, Halloween costume party, games and hot dogs, and election night

17 November: "Identify the Turtle" and Plant Sale

Slides will be shown, and members will be asked to identify the turtle in the slide.

15 December: Annual Holiday Party and Cut-Throat Gift Exchange

2016 Meetings and Programs

Timothy Branning
15 January: Timothy Branning
Documentary filmmaker Timothy Branning showing his film Tortoise in Peril.

Dr. Fred Caporaso with new Galapagos tortoise species19 February: Fred Caporaso on Galapagos Restoration Project Update

18 March: Vice president John Wong showing a Huell Howser video "Visiting Turtle Dreams" with Jeanne Vaughn and Pizza Night.

Dave Weeshoff15 April: David Weeshoff of the International Bird Society on Critters of the Galapagos

20 May: Tonya Moore on Desert Tortoise Development Relocation

17 June: Annual Plant Sale and Silent Auction

15 July: Annual Luau

19 August: Sandy Chase on Leopard and Russian tortoises

16 September: Tom Roach

21 October: Linda Blanchard – President of the Orange County Underwater Photographic Society

signage for Wildlife World18 November: Pizza night; Tour of the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium in Arizona.

16 December: Annual Holiday Party and Cut-Throat Gift Exchange

2015 Meetings and Programs

December 18:
Annual Holiday Celebration and Cut-Throat Gift Exchange

John Wong November 20: John Wong
Compilation of Turtle and Tortoise Videos and Hot Dog Night

October 16:
Show and Tell and a Pizza Party

South African leopard tortoise
September 18: Tom Roach
 "We've been doing it wrong for decades."

James Hong
August 21: James Hong
on Turtles, Tortoises and Habitats

luau performer male
luau performer female
July 17:
Annual Luau and Potluck presenting The Tehani and Kimo Luau Show

June 19:
Annual Plant Sale with Dr. Tom Greek as auctioneer

Eric Akaba
May 15: Eric Akaba
on Water Turtles including Mud and Musk Turtles

Steve Ishii with raptor

April 17: Steve Ishii
Desert Tortoise Preserve Cmte board member, contributing to the group’s habitat restoration and habitat management efforts.

Wang Hao
March 20: Wang Hao
Beijing, China breeder of Asian terrestrial turtles

Eric ZahnFebruary 20: Eric Zahn
on green turtles that reside at the mouth of the San Gabriel River

Steve Kaye
January 16: Steve Kaye
Wildlife Photographer

2014 Meetings and Programs

December 19:
Holiday Potluck and Cut-throat Gift Exchange

Eric Akaba with red-foot tortoiseNovember 21: Eric Akaba
on the Captive Husbandry of Redfoot and Yellowfoot Tortoises

October 17:
Show and Tell and Chapter Elections

Baby possumAugust 15: Janet Chaney
The Possum Lady has been rescuing and rehabilitating baby possums in her home for over 25 years.

July 18:
Annual Luau and Potluck

Dr. Craig Stanford with ploughshare tortoiseSeptember 19: Dr. Craig Stanford
on the Tortoises of Madagascar and the Last Chance to Save Them

June 20:Annual Plant Sale
More than 100 rare and exotic plants donated by long-time chapter member William Ho. Donations of plants and garden items are most welcome and it's Pizza Night!

Bill Hayes with desert tortoiseMay 16:Bill Hayes
Desert Tortoises in the Wild - "Life in the Slow Lane"

Dr. Olivia PetritzApril 18: Dr. Olivia Petritz
Advanced Veterinarian Techniques for Turtles and Tortoises including some of the newest diagnostics and treatments that are available for chelonian patients such as CT Scans, MRI, endoscopy and vacuum-assisted closure for shell wounds.

Western Pond TurtleMarch 21: Betsy Dionne, Riverside County Parks
findings to date on their radio tracking results and translocation efforts.
Bob Packard, Western Pond Turtle Monitoring Program
summary of his trapping surveys in Riverside County. His presentation includes identification characteristics, PIT tags, traps, habitats and more.

Star tortoise hatchling
February 21:Ralph Hoekstra
Star Tortoises of India and Surrounding Countries

Ed La Rue
January 17:
Ed LaRue
(Circle Mountain Biological Consultants, Inc.) on Desert Tortoises of the Morongo Basin

Past Programs - 2013

December 20:
Annual Christmas Party and Cut-Throat Gift Exchange

Dr. Paul Gibbons
November 15: Paul Gibbons, DVM
Managing Director and Veterinarian, Behler Chelonian Center on Repatriation of the Golden Coin Turtle

Ralph Hoekstra
September 20: Ralph Hoekstra
My Life with Tortoises

Sulcata shells
August 16: Dave Friend
(CTTC Executive Board Chair) on Examining Turtle and Tortoise Shells

July 19:
Annual Luau and Potluck

June 21:
Annual Plant Sale with Dr. Tom Greek, auctioneer

Dr. Stephen DunbarMay 17: Dr. Stephen G. Dunbar
Associate Professor of Biology, Loma Linda University on marine turtles throughout Honduras.

sulcata tortoiseApril 19: Dave Friend
(Founder of the Ojai Sulcata Project) on Tortoises of Africa

Matt TufenkianMarch 15:Matt-Dell Tufenkian
on Native Plants and Landscaping for Turtles and Tortoises

Robyn RobbFebruary 15: Robin Robb
(CTTC Inland Empire Chapter Vice president) on the Flora and Fauna of Maui, Hawaii

David McChesney
January 18: David Jesse McChesney
(Wildlife Photographer) on Joshua Tree, surrounding desert areas, and desert tortoises

Past Programs - 2012

December 21:
Annual Christmas Party and Cut-Throat Gift Exchange

Michael WilcoxNovember 16: Michael Wilcox
(Wildlife Biologist/Ecologist) on the Herps of Kansas

Four juvenile tortoisesOctober 19:
Breeders' Night

Mark Szatkowski and daughters
September 21: Mark Szatkowski
(CTTC Orange County Chapter Vice president) on turtle and tortoise anatomy

Muriel Horacek
August 17: Muriel Horacek
(Volunteer Field Representative for Earthwatch) on nesting leatherback turtles in Costa Rica, the Virgin Islands and Trinidad.

July 20:
Annual Luau and Potluck

June 15:
Annual Plant Sale with auctioneer Dr. Tom Greek

Dr. Paul Gibbons
May 18: Dr. Paul Gibbons
Managing director and veterinarian, Behler Conservation Center, on the Ploughshare tortoise

Dr. Tom Greek
April 20: Dr. Tom Greek
on Turtle and Tortoise Healthcare

Brian Elliot
March 16: Brian Elliot
(Sierra Club) on The Galápagos Islands from a Different Perspective

Laurel Williams
February 17: Laurel Williams,
Deputy Conservation Director of the California Wilderness Coalition

Box turtle habitatJanuary 20: Sharon Paquette
on Turtle and Tortoise Habitats

Past Programs - 2011

December 16:
Annual Christmas Party and Cut-Throat Gift Exchange

Desert tortoise
November 18: Michael J. Connor, Ph.D.
on Gopherus morafkai, the 150-year-old "new" species of desert tortoise

Liz's hatchlingsOctober 21: Breeders' Night

Dr. Heise
September 16: Dr. Richard Heise

Joyce Keyak and Galapagos tortoise
August 19: Joyce Keyak
on her travels in the Galápagos Islands and Galápagos tortoises

Daniel the TurtleJuly 15:
Annual Luau and Potluck

June 17:
Annual Plant Sale: Rare and Exotic Plants

May 20:
Long Beach Department of Animal Care and Control: Managing Raccoon and Opossum Problems

Paul Gibbons
April 15: Paul Gibbons, DVM

Managing Director and Veterinarian at the Behler Chelonian Center

James Liu
March 18: James Liu
an overview of the Behler Chelonian Center

February 18:
Movie, Pizza and Ice Cream Night: "The Heat is On" - Desert Tortoises & Survival. Exploring the world of the Mojave Desert Tortoise. This video was produced by the U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Craig Stanford
January 21: Dr. Craig Stanford
author of The Last Tortoise