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Tortuga Gazette 58(1) | January/February 2022

Differential Predation on Translocated Juvenile Desert Tortoises
Study reports that coyote and kit fox predation accounted for 24 of 31 deaths among 59 translocated juvenile desert tortoises, with 71% (17) of the females being taken compared to 29% (7) of the males.

Pancake Tortoise Threatened by Trade and Habitat Loss
AP video on Kenya’s pancake tortoises, Malacochersus tornieri (and a few leopard tortoises).

Aldabra Giant Tortoises Released on Desroches Island
Twenty-seven captive-raised Aldabra giant tortoises were released by the Island Conservation Society the Seychelles island of Desroches.

The Art of Studying Giant Tortoise Scat
Interview with Marco Antonio Jiménez Aguaisa, a graduate student working on the diets and movement of Galapagos giant tortoises by studying their droppings.

Galápagos Giant Tortoise Genome Offers Clues on Longevity
Live long and prosper: Galápagos giant tortoise genomes have extra copies of genes that may help them age well and evade cancer.

What Do 1,364 Star Tortoises Look Like?
Sickening video of the 1,364 star tortoises seized January 4 at Chennai (Madras) Airport.

Western Pond Turtle Census at Berkeley’s Jewel Lake
Video of wildlife experts checking the health of Western pond turtles living in Jewel Lake, Tilden Regional Park.

Climate Change Effects Western Pond Turtle Habitat in Southern California
Video of Rosi Dagit reviewing the effects of climate change on the Santa Monica Mountain habitat of Western pond turtles.

Hidden World of Turtle Mating Behavior
Canadian biologists study turtle mating behavior in Ottawa.

Perth Zoo Has Record Year for Western Swamp Turtle Hatchlings
Perth Zoo successfully bred 65 hatchlings in the latest season, the program’s highest on record.

Thousands of Hatchling Yellow-spotted Amazon Turtles Released in Peru
Video of the release of 3,000 hatchling yellow-spotted turtles, Podocnemis unifilis, or taricayas as the Peruvians call them.

Trinidad’s Mysterious Gibba Turtles
The gibba turtle, Mesoclemmys gibba, is the most rarely seen of Trinidad’s three native species of freshwater turtle.

California Leatherbacks Endangered Due to Human Impacts
“Let’s face it: This is an animal that’s been around for 80 million years. You could not argue it’s poorly adapted,” he said. “It’s been able to survive just about anything, but it seems to be having a hard time handling us.” Scott Benson, NOAA biologist.

Good News for Florida Leatherbacks
Leatherback sea turtle nest numbers for 2021 in south Florida were double the previous record set in 2012.

Padre Island National Seashore Controversy
Padre Island National Seashore volunteers rally behind sea turtle biologist Donna Shaver.

Cape Verde Sees Boom in Sea Turtle Nests
The number of sea turtle nests in the Cape Verde archipelago rose to almost 200,000 in 2021.

Marine Turtle Newsletter
Latest (October 2021) Marine Turtle Newsletter is available.

African Sea Turtle Newsletter
African Sea Turtle Newsletter #17 is available.

Fossil Pig-nosed Turtle Found at a Melbourne Beach
Five million-year-old pig-nosed turtle fossil found in Beaumaris is raising new questions about where these turtles evolved.

Tortuga Gazette 58(2) | March/April 2022


Tortuga Gazette 58(3) | May/June 2022